Monday, December 5, 2011

Coming back to my senses

Quite a long while I have not penned anything here...time flew like jet plane for the past this midst of holiday, our sons and daughters enjoying their holiday with grandparents, many of us struggling with our work, eyeing the calendars a few too many times wishing we are there with them.

The truth is that time is flying as rapidly as it could, our sons and daughters are getting taller and bigger by the minute, our grey hair is getting too obvious (I love grey hair by the way, looks a  bit wiser) and next thing that we may realise is that our children are leaving for university.

Life is too short to worry about the potholes, leaking sinks, unattended garbage, unpainted doors and others. Grab your kids, your better half, and especially yourself, and jump into the nearest river...have fun with them while they are around.

Kids...they offer more than just worries...they teach us happiness...

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