Monday, December 5, 2011

Coming back to my senses

Quite a long while I have not penned anything here...time flew like jet plane for the past this midst of holiday, our sons and daughters enjoying their holiday with grandparents, many of us struggling with our work, eyeing the calendars a few too many times wishing we are there with them.

The truth is that time is flying as rapidly as it could, our sons and daughters are getting taller and bigger by the minute, our grey hair is getting too obvious (I love grey hair by the way, looks a  bit wiser) and next thing that we may realise is that our children are leaving for university.

Life is too short to worry about the potholes, leaking sinks, unattended garbage, unpainted doors and others. Grab your kids, your better half, and especially yourself, and jump into the nearest river...have fun with them while they are around.

Kids...they offer more than just worries...they teach us happiness...

Monday, January 10, 2011

Ju' On Misadventure

Well, it happened when Iman was about 3 years old. At that point of time, my younger brother was living with us, and he is, till now, Iman's closest buddy next to his uncle and auntie. Recapping the past, so one night, we decided to watch Ju'On (I think it was the first movie) together, and Iman as usual, would sit right in-front of the TV.
As you know, Jo'On is a movie that is famous with the deep clicking female vocal sound, and the image of a kid and woman clad in white crawling on the floor. I'll rate the goosebumps level 9/10...
Anyway, Iman fell asleep during the movie, and I carried him into our brother was still watching the movie when my wife and I hit the sack around 1 something..
Middle of the wee morning, I was awaken by Ju'Onish clicking OMG..what was that..and as I turned to my right side, Iman wasn't at his place..
I woke up slowly...the clicking noise is quite audible...lights were off, except for a glim white ray peeking through the bottom part of the bedroom door...I mustered all courage and rush opened the door..Iman was sitting in-front of TV, watching Ju'On brother, I guessed, have long gone asleep in his bed...
He was like in trance watching the movie...imagine'On on screen..clicking noise..a really good mixture of 11/10 goosebump level...
I switched on the lights, Iman was looking at me and mumble like 'Apa' or 'What'..I grabbed him, pulled the plug out of the socket and hushing him to sleep in bed..
The next day, I related the story to my brother..and he said that Iman was able to use the remote because he had taught him before..not a suprise because Iman started playing games at a very early age...well..logic kicked in...dvd was still remote and it would play..TV was just matter of pressing the green button..Iman figured that out way, way back...One thing for sure...the picture of him sitting in-front of TV watching the screen mimicked the movie Poltergeist...and that send shivers down my spine till now...

Thursday, January 6, 2011

The Misadventure in a Milky Way

It is interesting to be a father...although men do profess that they are innately born with the skills, however, most of them will equip themselves with 'fatherhood' skills at ad hoc basis. Henceforth, ladies, please trust us...we always do our homework by reading online...
I remembered reading a few articles on childcare, and being an avid tech n automotive person, they resembled manuals. . I believed that I was ready for action. I believed that I could conquer the 'milky' enigma adventure.
My first milk making misadventure began when I was asked to prep up a bottle of milk for my son. Being an understanding and loving husband, I woke up in wee mid morning where the youngsters were still in raving parties with eyes wide shut.
Anyway, fast forward to my past, while flipping through the manual, I began the process of brewing the concoction, and later vigorously tested on my hand for the heat level. Fearing for the safety of my child, I did second experiment by testing a drop on the softer part of the hand. Unsatisfied with the clinical result, I pursued by an orthodox movement by dropping a few drips on my lips. And oh my, did I burned my lips..
Based on the experiment, I analysed that the lips are the best indicator, as long as you are able to withdraw yourself from sucking the bottle entirely...well, who knows, we might be lacking of something during childhood. After sometime, the balancing act will be perfect so much so you could do it while sleeping...and manufacturers of baby bottles out there, could you all please come out with LED screen indicator for temperature and expiry hour? Kinda cool to have one....

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

The Trail of Misadventures

The trail began 9 years ago...My wife said that its about time, and I looked at her with a smile that can be characterised as 'happy, yet unsure'. Soon, we reached the hospital, with my in-laws, and counted the hours to come. I watched other soon to be fathers, waiting...and for your information, pacing back and forth only happens in movies..
Anyway, our doctor advised me to be together with my wife to witness the miracle of birth...and it was a miracle I didn't faint. My wife was in pain, yet she managed to smile...after a long wait, Iman was held in my hand for the first time. Congratulations, I had graduated from being a bachelor, to husband, to a father! As I began to 'azan' in his ear, I held his tiny hands...tis true as the saying goes, none could melt a million worry than a gaze from an innocent child. Thus, my adventures, or misadventures began...

Friday, December 24, 2010

My Misadventure

My misadventure began when I became a father...looking at my son, still young in my hand, I wondered whether I could become a father, in a real sense of a father.

I call this 'a misadventure' not from the negative viewpoint, but of a positive one. All of the misadventures, in my effort to become a father, have taught me the real meaning of life to the fullest, family matters the most, and finally, learn from your child or children.

The child, or children is and are the wisest of us all.

Hence, 'Iman and Daddy Misadventures' is my tribute to all the things that had happened to us.

Iman, this blog is for you.